Friday, October 15, 2010

Personality vs. Dedication

Weirdly enough, I have an internal battle between my personality, which is outgoing yet quirky and nerdy with a touch of reservation (in particular situations), and my drive which largely stems from my involvement in CrossFit and is exacerbated by my passion for science causing me to strive for more.
I want to be reserved and quiet, though I don't really know how after going through so many situations that have sculpted me to be outgoing and assertive. I barely even know how to scale it back.

I probably should be devoting the inability to scale my intensity back toward getting back into CrossFit. I've been slacking off lately with WOD attendance and I don't feel like I performing up to par when I am there. With The Ten looming ahead I need to step my game up if I want to be a contender this time around.

SKINS and shorts, hoodies, and CrossFit O-Zone shirts. Can't wait. :D

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sample Post

This is words in the sample post and here is a hyper link and holy crap more stuff woah omg